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July 24, 2007

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Soybean Aphids Only Add To High Expenses for Farmers,
But MANA Offers Timely Money-Saving Solution

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U.S. farmers are seeing demand for their crops unlike anything in the past 60 years. While commodity prices have been relatively high, input expenses have been skyrocketing, so producers still have to make every penny count.
Now, as if expenses weren't high enough, state Extension entomologists are warning farmers to be sure to scout for destructive soybean aphids. Aphid populations can explode quickly once they near IPM thresholds, warns Dr. Gary Tuxhorn, technical services manager for MANA. But he has outlined some options that can help growers control both the aphids and the cost of saving the crop from their destructiveness.

Dr. Gary Tuxhorn,   audio clip (23 seconds)
"MANA has three very effective insecticides that are registered for use on soybean aphids. Silencer™ 1 EC, Adjourn®, and Chlorpyrifos 4E AG. Silencer has the same Lamda-Cyhalothrin active ingredient as Warrior®. Chlorpyrifos is the active ingredient in Lorsban®. And the active in Adjourn is esfenvalerate, which also is used in Asana® XL."

Dr. Gary Tuxhorn,   audio clip (13 seconds)
"These are chemistries growers are very familiar with and have relied on for years. MANA products perform as well as the original products because of our decades of experience in the formulation and manufacturing business, and our stringent quality control."

Dr. Gary Tuxhorn,   audio clip (32 seconds)
"The primary difference between MANA products and the original supplier products is the value pricing growers get with Silencer, Adjourn and MANA Chlorpyrifos. Aphids are controlled just as quickly and thoroughly – and the savings will come in handy for offsetting some of the rising costs growers face for seed genetics, fuel, and fertilizer.  To choose between the products, consult with your local crop advisor to determine which of these products is the best fit for your local conditions."

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