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July 16, 2007

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With Foliar Disease Threats Lurking, Farmers Need to Act Now
by Basing Fungicide Decisions on Scouting Results and Good Ol’ IPM

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As corn farmers in our area are deciding whether to use a fungicide to prevent foliar diseases like gray leaf spot, it is important to base the decision on scouting results and other Integrated Pest Management practices. Dr. Gary Tuxhorn, technical services manager for MANA, shares this advice:

Dr. Gary Tuxhorn,   audio clip (26 seconds)
"Integrated Pest Management is the best defense against resistance to fungicides. We don’t want to see diseases like Gray Leaf Spot become resistant to fungicides in the way that so many weeds have become resistant to herbicides. One reason this could happen is that there currently are really only two modes of action available in corn fungicides – triazoles and strobilurins. Using the same mode of action year after year is a recipe for developing resistance."  

Dr. Gary Tuxhorn,   audio clip (32 seconds)
"MANA has an exceptionally effective corn fungicide, Bumper, that uses both preventative and curative control of Gray Leaf Spot and other diseases. The active ingredient in Bumper is propiconazole, which also is the active in Tilt. This is a chemistry growers are very familiar with and have relied on for years, not only in corn but also in cereals and other crops. MANA has used its six decades of formulation experience to develop a best-in-class propiconazole product in Bumper. Growers really like the way it performs for them and protects their crops."

Dr. Gary Tuxhorn,   audio clip (32 seconds)
"At less than $10 an acre, Bumper is one of the most economically priced compared with other corn fungicides. It provides both preventative and curative disease control, it offers a better return on investment than other fungicides. Market prices for corn may be good, but growers don’t need to spend more than necessary to get the disease protection they need. They’re already spending a lot on nitrogen, technology fees, and especially fuel."  

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