As the Apollo astronauts traveled to the moon, their photographs of the earth made it appear to be shrinking a little each day.

Of course, the illusion of global shrinking was only a function of the astronauts steadily increasing their distance from the earth on their mission to explore the moon.

During the first decade of manned space travel — we were amazed by the technology that could land a man on the moon. 

During the first decade of Internet adoption — we are amazed by the technology and again the earth appears to be shrinking.

Like all technology adoption, older practices are displaced by newer, more effective methodologies, offering greater performance, lower costs, faster response and greater reliability. 

With the adoption of the Internet, access to specialized skills from independent contractors is available online, and on demand, from proven performers, and without the delays and costs to hire and train employees.

For jobs requiring physical labor, workers arrive at a jobsite each morning, work all day, and then depart the jobsite each evening.  Coal mining, apple picking, automobile manufacturing and other physical labor requires the onsite presence of workers.

Traditionally, jobs requiring "mental labor" require knowledge workers to travel to an office building, which is used to facilitate communications among the knowledge workers via paper reports and conference room discussions.

Today, communication is digital and coordination is online. Utilizing a network of people with specialized skills, GlobalShrinking.com selects independent contractors based on skills required to fulfill the work assignment and then coordinates the work flow. 

Rather than use office buildings and conference rooms, we utilize digital communications technologies and Internet-based project management to coordinate the work assignments among the contractors to achieve best-performance, at low cost and speedy turnaround.

Additionally, clients login our worksite to review and approve project checkpoints, or to make refinements and embellishments to the project plan that may not have been apparent at design phase of the project.  

Explore our website.  Read the biographies and skills of our partners and associates.  View examples of work we have completed for our clients.  Then contact us regarding your needs. 

We will assist you in defining the project at no cost to you.  If the project is within the scope of our skills mix, we will develop an preliminary proposal, along with options and alternatives for your consideration. 

Following your feedback, we will develop a formal proposal and detailed project plan, including a firm commitment on the “days and dollars” required to accomplish the project. 

Once approved, we will start the work flow and you can rest assured that the project will be accomplished on time and on budget by our network of the independent contractors who are specialists in their field. 

We look forward to being of service.

Robert Ratliff
Managing Partner
Phone 919 414 7588

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